The Data-Driven Approach to Network Management: Innovation Delivered

by: Jennifer Yates, Fri Jun 04 15:32:00 EDT 2010

The complexity in IP networks is staggering: massive volume, multi-step paths from start to end, and applications and services with strict demands and no tolerance for delay.

These new services add immeasurable complexity to the job of network management while requiring ultra-reliable networks.

AT&T's solution is to drive problems and glitches from the network, and AT&T Research is supplying the innovations to do it.

Marcelo Worsley
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner


Designing Multimodal Interfaces for More Natural Interactions

"Humans easily infer a lot from a combination of inputs: speech, facial expressions, gestures. Computers have a hard time doing this. But if they could, there's a world of neat things that could be done to improve how we live, how we learn."

- Marcelo Worsley

Adriana López-Alt
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner


Using the Hard Problems of Math for Internet Security

"Mathematics can be beautiful. It’s ordered and structured, and once you accept its axioms, everything in math makes sense. Cryptography is able to exploit hard problems in math to make life easy for the good guys and hard for the bad guys.”

- Adriana López-Alt

Yifan Sun
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner


Coherent Detection for Better Data Transmission 

"Electrical engineering with a focus on communications may seem very specific, but it touches upon many fields, from mind-bending math puzzles to multi-layer programming to artistic design. That it benefits the real world is just an added bonus."

- Yifan Sun