Into Main Memory: Nanocubes for Interactively Visualizing Billion-Point Data Sets

by: Lauro Lins, James T. Klosowski, Carlos Scheidegger,

For exploring large, complex data sets, nothing matches the power of interactive visualizations that let users directly manipulate data and arrange it in new ways.

But with data sets of millions or billions of data points, interactivity is hard to achieve. It’s hindered by the sheer number of computations required to return a query result, and by the latency inherent in accessing data so big it requires disk storage. AT&T researchers realized the best way to maintain interactivity was to move all data into main memory. How to do that was the challenge, and it required a new type of data structure: the nanocube. Read more.

AT&T Labs and Cask Open Source Real-Time Data Processing Framework


AT&T Labs and Cask announced a developer preview of the open source Tigon project, a real-time streaming analytics framework for Hadoop based on technology contributed by both companies. Tigon offers a simple, efficient and cost-effective way for developers to create a diverse range of apps that address a broad set of use cases such as network intrusion detection and analytics, social media market analysis, location analytics, and real-time recommendation engines.

AT&T Future Star Travel Award at SIGCOMM 2014


The AT&T Future Star Sigcomm Travel award is to encourage and support students who have serious interest in computer networking and telecommunication and work on research topics towards solving real world problems and challenges to attend the Sigcomm conference. 

TM Forum Operational Excellence Award Winner


AT&T received the TM Forum Operational Excellence Award from the TM Forum, which recognizes the service provider demonstrating the most innovative and effective use of TM Forum Frameworx to deliver tangible cost reduction, efficiency improvement and operational agility.

Showcasing the Network of the Future


In mid-May in New York City, we unveiled multiple technologies in development that illustrate what’s possible with our network of the future.

With our User-Defined Network Cloud, we’re creating an open network with APIs that let customers and developers tap into tools that only a network operator can provide. We’re orienting our innovation programs around this initiative to drive new services and products that best tap into the power of our network.

Check out some video highlights from our Innovation Showcase

"Mobilizing Your World" Innovation Showcase

AT&T is mobilizing your world - so you can spend more time on the connections that matter. We're creating the network of the future - the User-Defined Network Cloud (UDNC). Our vision is to deliver a flexible and more open platform that provides the next generation of communications services - think customized and instantaneous. Check out the projects that are bringing this vision to life.

AT&T Innovation Showcase Features Big Data Visualizers


At AT&T's Innovation Showcase in New York City Friday, the company showed off a variety of projects being developed within AT&T Labs. The event's general theme was the shift to more cloud-based networks and the greater interconnectivity of devices.

AT&T's Innovation Showcase Nanocubes, a project designed to let users interact with massively large datasets through visualization.

5 of the coolest projects at AT&T’s innovation centers


You know companies are already recording your conversations with customer service — but what if they could automatically gather data from your calls? AT&T’s voice-call analytics software can figure out the issues customers are calling about and how a support representative responds, and it can even determine the overall tone of the conversation. For example, did the customer start out calm and get angry? Or did they start out frustrated and ended up satisfied by a support rep?

AT&T Labs' Nanocube wins 2014 Edison Awards


Being recognized with an Edison Award™ is one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. AT&T Labs' Nanocube data visualization technology brought home gold at the 2014 Edison Awards.

For exploring large, complex data sets, nothing matches the power of interactive visualizations that let users directly manipulate data.

Creating AT&T NetBond


How AT&T Labs Drove Early SDN Adoption

Cloud services offer alluring promises of flexibility, agility, speed and cost savings for businesses; however, security concerns still loom over mission-critical data traveling overa public network, hindering cloud adoption. Addressing this concern, we created AT&T Netbond, a service that taps software-defined networking technologies to help enable businesses to bring the cloud within their VPN Network – avoiding exposure to the public Internet and helping to mitigate security and performance risks.


Federation as a Service from AT&T Labs


Computer federation services from AT&T allows for seamless interaction between contacts in different organization. Federation as a service connects different software systems to federate and operate as if they are on the same platform. To learn more about federation messaging services from AT&T visit about.att.com. Computer federation services from AT&T allows different software systems to federate and operate as if they are on the same platform.

Channel Surf Safely with U-verse® KIDS! App


Two AT&T Innovators – both of whom happen to be moms – realized that while their children could recognize their favorite characters on the TV screen, they were sometimes unable to find the right channel.  Or worse, they would click to see a show that might not be so kid-friendly.  AT&T Labs researcher, Taniya Mishra, and U-verse product marketing manager, Diane Kearns, decided to come with a simple solution.

Mobile Applications with Visual Intelligence


The AT&T Visual API is a network service providing Visual Intelligence to enterprise and mobile applications by transforming content into textual and indexed representations.    Over the last two decades, AT&T has continued to develop world-class content analysis and computer vision technology. Video segmentation, album management, audio and video near-copy detection, face detection and recognition, natural language-based search, and quality assessment are just a handful of exposed capabilities.