Photon Entanglement over the Fiber-Optic Network

by: Misha Brodsky,

Quantum entanglement—where two particles belong to one state and thus act in concert even when separated over a vast distance—may yield unconditionally secure cryptographic systems, something not feasible today.

But will an entangled quantum state survive over the fiber-optic network?

Experiments being conducted at AT&T Research are starting to reveal answers, and helping scientists and engineers take the next steps toward harnessing quantum powers for real-world applications.  Read more

A partnership for a better speech interface


Vlingo and AT&T are partnering on speech apps that let you tell your phone what you want. With  AT&T WATSON providing speech recognition, Vlingo adds context information to make interacting with small devices easier, more natural.

In this interview, Vlingo’s CTO and co-founder Mike Phillips talks about how both partners benefit.

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Much-cited paper raises alarm on Internet tracking


The FTC's "Do Not Track" mechanism proposal for the Internet requires understanding on how tracking data is collected and used.

AT&T Researcher Balachander Krishnamurthy and co-author Craig Wills showed in two separate papers in 2009 (go here and here) how aggregators gather tracking data on traditional Websites and how personal data is leaked via social network sites.

Elaine Weyuker: Latest tech icon


Elaine Weyuker is Tech Channel’s lastest tech icon and a pioneer in software fault prediction, having revolutionized the way software programs are tested.

Her recent work in building statistics-based prediction models has resulted in a tool capable of predicting with 80% accuracy where bugs will occur in software systems with millions of lines of code.


Mikkel Thorup is a winner of the David P. Robbins Prize


Mikkel Thorup was among five authors of a paper that solved a 150-year-old problem: How far can a stack of identical blocks hang over the edge of a table?

For the paper's impressive results in discrete mathematics, the authors were awarded the Mathematical Association of America's David P. Robbins Prize.

Willinger paper among best 2010 mathematical writings


Walter Willinger’s paper “Mathematics and the Internet: A Source of Enormous Confusion and Great Potential” was selected for inclusion in the book The Best Writing on Mathematics 2010 
(Mircea Pitici, editor).

The main ideas from the paper are summarized in Network Science and the Internet: Lessons Learned.


Eye on Innovation:
You, as a Number


Data from mobile devices is adding immeasurably to the statistics that surround us, providing new information that communities, companies, and people themselves can use to make better decisions.

Here statistician Chris Volinsky talks about the potential uses of this data and the best ways to visualize and interpret it.

What worries an Internet security expert?


At February’s RSA conference in San Francisco, AT&T researcher William Cheswick, an expert on Internet security, was asked what keeps him up at night.

Dressed for the RSA's PechaKucha talks, he easily reels off four rising security concerns.

AT&T researchers come out on top in dialog challenge


AT&T scientists, using the AT&T Statistical Dialog Toolkit and other Research-created technologies, competed in Carnegie Mellon's Spoken Dialog Challenge 2010.

Of four teams competing, AT&T's system most often provided bus riders with the information they sought. The team, led by Jason D. Williams, included Alistair Conkie, Iker Arizmendi, Danilo Giulianelli.

Research-mentored student profiled on TV program


High school senior James Ting, a Davidson Institute scholarship winner and a subject of the TV program NJN Classroom Close Up, is working on innovative Internet routing methods at AT&T Research, where he is being mentored by Robert Doverspike and Dahai Xu.

For the segment featuring Ting, skip to 13:58 minutes in the video.